My Trip Through Beautiful Ireland And Union Hall Dock


Our visit to West Cork fishing dock at Union Hall:

33Here is a fishing dock in beautiful West Cork, Ireland, at a place called Union Hall and I love taking anybody who visits us there for a look see. It is part of a trip my wife and I give to any visitors. Please bear with whilst I show you.

What is it about trains? What is it about ships and boats? Does something primal lie in all of us because it is part of our history as mankind. The lure of adventure and finding or visiting new places?

Actually for me it is none of those things. Being a poor swimmer with a tendency towards claustrophobia, I’m not that comfortable on boats and ships. However my Dad served in the Royal Navy during the second World War and he never lost his love of the sea and ships. So whenever we went on holiday be it to Mozambique or South Africa. He insisted we visit the docks, and many lovely ships we saw to. I have had a love of docks ever since, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

Here we are:
Looking at the fishing trawlers.

ta2This is just showing our current visitors from New Zealand around the dock. The two girls in the picture are sisters and they have not seen each other for many years and are busy trying to catch up on lost time. So whether or not they are interested in the dock or just yacking away is open to question. I like to think that they are.

Normally we would go out for lunch here at the fabulous sea food restaurants. However, our time is limited and we have one more place to visit, where we will have a bite to eat. That’s coming soon.