Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Clash Of Clans Is Wrong And What You Should Know

Ever since we began developing ETS Prepared, we studied all platforms and the most popular games on each platform. When we had to do research for mobile games, Clash of Clans popped up everywhere. It’s on actually every best mobile game list on the planet and this isn’t a coincidence. Clash of Clans isn’t a game that caught a break and thought of a good game before anyone did. The reason for their greatness and success is the fact that Supercell is among the greatest firms as it pertains to games for mobile devices.

Clash of Clans is a game that is made by the finest developers on earth and the amount of cash that is invested in this game may be more than any budget for a video game ever created. Sure, the idea issues and the fact that Clash of Clans is the first game that featured early fights and strategy like we’ve never seen on a mobile phone before, but I think that even if Clash of Clans was developed after all these strategy games, it still be the greatest of them all. The fact the game is played by millions of people every day is all the evidence you need of it’s viability and the amount of fun it can give you.

Clash of Clans is an easy strategy game. You construct your hamlet, attack your rivals and defend your village from intruders. Okay, it’s a bit more complicated than that, but ultimately it’s true if you put it in the simplest words. When you start playing Clash of Clans, you can determine weather you want to invest in constructing your village and concentrate on defense or go complete offense and attempt to steal some gold and elixir from your competitors. Many players have distinct strategies and that’s good. I can merely recommend that you save your diamonds as much as you can and use as many contractors as you can. That’s maybe the most significant thing to do first. When you get a bit stronger, you may have the ability to strengthen you foundation and join a clan. That’s what this is all about. When you enter a clan, you will see other folks’s hamlets and strategies and learn from them. You’ll help out your clan and go to wars. Remember, strategy is the most significant when it comes to clan wars and Clash of Clans in general.

And, in case you are successful, you’ll take gold and elixir from the enemy clans and go up and up. As you build up your village, you will get better rankings and trust that one day, you will be at the top 200 players in the world. You can read more about trucos clash of clans by going to this website.

For me, there is no better mobile game than Clash of Clans and for many other also. I believe what is best about this game is the fact that you can choose your mobile phone or tablet and just not put it down for hours. The game is so enjoyable and addictive you will only need to give them money and buy stone, just so you can skip the boring part where you wait for your buildings to update and play again. Also, the fact that clan wars are so popular makes it clear. The clan wars are the best part. You can make friends and go to battle with them, think of new, better strategies and win of course.