Why Public Education Is Ineffective


Public schools in America are awful. That’s the statement that needs to be made. The Board of Education has enforced and worsened the problem. The school systems in America are corrupt, and we have done nothing but further degrade the youth’s intelligence and creativity. This article was written to inform you, or at least introduce you to the problem. Change is necessary.

School – An obligation, not a right.

The United States government says that everyone has a right to a free education. Instead of following up on that promise, they gave the American people school. Obviously, there has been a failure to communicate somewhere along the line. You can refuse any of your rights if you so choose. So why are children forced to go to school?

Right (n.) – a just claim or title, whether legal, prescriptive, or moral.

Obligation (n.) – something by which a person is bound or obliged to do certain things, and which arises out of a sense of duty or results from custom, law, etc.


Teaching Children

Which category does school fall under? Obligation, of course. School is something that millions of students are bound/obliged to attend. Unfortunately, many of these students (as well as their parents) don’t see the problem that lies within this system. “School is good for you,” they’re told, and they listen without question. Now you want to know why this so-called “education” system is so bad, I’m sure. Simply put, it discourages individual thinking. It takes in children and pumps out robots. Why is this continuing?

The Goal of the Educational System

…at least the transportation is safe.While you may think that I’ll be praising school in this section, I’ll be doing just the opposite.

Let’s look back to the roots of American schools. Why did they start in the first place? Let’s just start by saying that schools do an awful job at preparing people for a fulfilling life. However, they excel at keeping young people off of the job market. This is very backwards to me. Allow me to dissect the situation.

Around 200 years ago, America was primarily still an agrarian society. Children were expected, possibly even needed to learn to be workers at the ages of ten or eleven. Completing no higher than the fourth or fifth grade was perfectly acceptable at this point. As society evolved, fewer kids were needed for farm work. But they had to get the children off of the streets! New curriculum was quickly and poorly thrown together. No one cared what was in the curriculum, so it was filled with garbage… as long as it kept children off of the streets, it was deemed acceptable. Laws were passed saying that everyone needed an 8th grade “education.”

Enter the Great Depression. The same situation occurred, young people needed to be kept away from the job market because there weren’t any jobs available for the adults. What better way to do this than opening new jobs (by extending compulsory school requirements to 12th grade), and keeping kids in school longer? The law was passed, and more nonsense curriculum was made up. I’ll leave the rant about the push for college for another article.

After World War 2, there were more jobs than there were people to fill them. Graduates were being pumped out of 12th grade, not knowing much more than those who graduated from 6th grade a century ago. None of the worthless information they were forced to swallow was retained, and if it had been, it wouldn’t have mattered. The graduates were barely employable, because the “skills” they had were totally useless from a business perspective. The response to that was so-called “educators” deciding to give the students more of the same – poems to analyze, themes to write, variables to solve for. (to read more about the history of it all, visit this article.)

In conclusion, the school system does exactly what it was intended to do. It keeps teenagers off of the job market. But this system is outdated. At this point in time, it is completely and totally worthless, and hurts more than it helps.